Vertex Effect Systems - Pedalboard for CAA PT50 2/6/10

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Vertex Effect Systems - Pedalboard for CAA PT50 2/6/10

Post by Desperado » Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:57 pm

Here's another pedalboard that I did for a local player that gigs frequently around the Bay Area for use with a Custom Audio Amplifiers PT50 Head.

This board was actually the second one that I've done for him. I did a different board for him a month ago that had 3 Eventide modeling pedals, an amp switcher, and an auxiliary Eventide controller. Since then, the client got a new amp (Custom Audio Amplifiers PT50), and after some gigs and tweaking at home with the pedalboard, although he loved the set up and flexibility the Eventides offered, he preferred the sound of analog effects. He also wanted to add a volume pedal into the effects loop.

He decided to keep his Timefactor for it's delay flexibility and options, but ditched all other Eventides that were on the board before (Modfactor, Pitchfactor, and by default the Eventide controller). Although the first pedalboard with all the Eventide pedals sounded great, the analog effects on this board sound even fuller and more harmonically rich.

The board is outfitted with a custom interface to network the amp switching (using stereo jacks coming from the silver foot switcher on the pedalboard), the amp effects loop, and the pedals that were being run in front of the amp. Additionally, the interface houses a buffer/line driver to seamlessly carry the signal through the pedalboard without any tonal degradation or noise.

Overall, the analog effects in the chorus, tremolo, and phase made a huge tonal difference! The board sounds huge through a higher gain JMP Marshall. It is still very low noise and has a good number of tonal choices despite ditching the Eventide pedals.

The order of the effects are:

In front of AMP
Interface In (from guitar)--> Tuner--> Wah-->CS MXR Script Phase 90--> Demeter Compulator -->Analogman Bi-Chorus --> Demeter Tremulator --> Interface Out (to amp)

Effects Loop (via interface)
Send-->Volume Pedal (BOSS FV-500L)-->TimeFactor--> Lumos-->Return

*NOTE: The Silver Switcher in the front has it's own dedicated TRS/Stereo line in the interface for the Lumos switching and Amp Channel 1/2 and 3 switching for the CAA PT50.



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