Vertex Effect Systems - Medium Musicom Lab Pedalboard

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Vertex Effect Systems - Medium Musicom Lab Pedalboard

Post by Desperado » Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:27 pm

Here's a pedalboard that I did for a local player.

This is a really cool board that is centered around Musicom Lab effects switcher. It's like having a rack switcher with a 100 presents, but in a pedalboard format. It is a very toneful and usable device. Overall, I was very impressed with it.

The board is outfitted with a custom interface to network the pedalboard with the amp. All pedals are running in front of the amp ('66 Fender Deluxe Reverb). Additionally, the interface is not using a buffer, but rather we're using the internal buffers in the Musicom switcher to carry the signal through the pedalboard without any tonal degradation.

The Eventides are run off of 1Spots to help keep down the size of the larger manufacturers wall-warts. Also the Hilton Volume Pedal is run off of its own adapter since it's rated at 24v and is a bit odd-ball for an easily available power supply.

Overall the board sounded great, extremely programmable, and has some great OD flavors with the Landgraff and Dumkudo. The Dumkudo is the best Dumble-style pedal that I've run into. It has a more presence and gain than a Zendrive and really suits single-coil pickups amazingly well.

The order of the effects are:

Interface In (from guitar)--> Boss TU-2 Tuner--> RMC Picture Wah-->Musicom In--> (Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive, Tanabe Dumkudo, ProCo RAT, Eventide ModFactor, Eventide TimeFactor, Boss DM-2 Analog Delay)--> Interface Out (to amp)

The Hilton Volume Pedal is run in the Musicom Switcher through Input/Output B. The Eventides are run in the loops of the Musicom and are also wired via MIDI to send continuous MIDI messages to the switcher.



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