Vertex Effects Systems - Roots/Bluegrass/Folk Pedalboard

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Vertex Effects Systems - Roots/Bluegrass/Folk Pedalboard

Post by Desperado » Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:02 am

Here's a board that I did for a local Bay Area musician that plays in an experimental-rock/Bluegrass/Folk band that do a lot of shows here on the West Coast. He needed a board for his summer tour that kicks off this Wednesday. He's played with some big name hip-hop musicians on the East Coast, namely Jay-Z and a few other artist on Rock-a-Fella Records.

The client provided most of his own gear, however he needed a nice boost pedal, tuner, wah, and some mods done to his Whammy and Tube Screamer. We made the Whammy True Bypass and also added a Set-Up reset buttom that can be accessed externally so when the factory settings get out-of-whack, it can be easily reset without disassembling the unit. The Tube Screamer was also modified to have more gain on the "PLEXI" setting of the unit. We also repaired some oscillation issues with the pedal.

For the boost pedal that the client needed, we went with the Fulltone FB-3, which is a fantastic unit and is super transparent, and just boosts volume with no EQ change or compression unless you want it. With everything set to noon, there is no change. Gain can be dialed in, volume can be dialed in, and treble/bass. It's a fantastic unit, and my favorite boost. We also picked up a BBE Ben Wah for the client which is a great unit as well and nailed some great Hendrix tones. The Polytune is also a great unit and has some cool features for a tuner.

The rig is being used in front of a series of backline/rental equipment, likely a Fender Twin Reverb, Hot Rod Deluxe, Roland JC-120 or something similar. The guitars are primarily Telecasters or a PRS Hollowbody II.

The order of the effects are:

INTERFACE INPUT (from guitar)--> Axess BS-2 Buffer--> T.C. Electronics Polytune--> BBE Ben Wah--> Digitech Whammy--> Keeley Compressor --> Fulltone Fat-Boost 3--> Ibanez TS-9 Turbo Tube Screamer--> Ernie Ball Volume Pedal (low z)--> Empress Tremolo--> Boss DD-7 Delay--> T-Rex Replica Delay--> Boomerang III Phrase Sampler (with out to EV-5 EXP Pedal)--> INTERFACE OUTPUT (to amp)

*Stand Outs: As mentioned before, the Fulltone FB-3 is an amazing boost pedal and remains one of my favorites for a nice transparent boost and can just add volume if that's what you want, or you can dial in different settings if desired. This is ideal with rental amps since you're never sure what you'll get. The BBE is also a really nice unit for a wah pedal and really reasonably priced for what you get (True Bypass, LED, Voicing Knob, etc.). It's very well designed and sounds great. I also really love the T-Rex Replica, it's always been my go-to delay, especially in a higher gain amp.

~Mason @ Vertex


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