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Honky Tonk and Beer Joint Rig

Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:31 am
by artist1354
Here are some pics of my just completed setup. It is powered by dual under-mounted PP2+ units. Signal chain is as follows;
Guitars, LS2, Visual Volume, NS2, Send to VOX wah, Octave/Fuzz, CS3, BD2, TS9DX, return to NS2, out to H2O, Sugar Baby trem, Nebula Phaser, EB Volume, DD3, RC2, Radial amp switcher, side A to 65 Twin, side B to Egnater Rebel 30. Output 2 of the Visual Volume feeds the Harmony G XT and the tuner out runs the Korg PB02. First volume pedal is primarily a boost and the second one controls overall level.
The blue glow is a product called Light Tape. Here's a link;