VERTEX - Eric Johnson/Hendrix/Gilmour Inspired Pedalboard

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VERTEX - Eric Johnson/Hendrix/Gilmour Inspired Pedalboard

Post by Desperado » Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:18 pm

Here's a pedalboard that I did for a client and a member over on The Gear Page (lgehrig4) from back East who sent in a great group of pedals to be assembled for his home/studio pedalboard. It's got some very revered effects pedals on this board, and has the tone to prove it. We went as light weight as possible (using lightweight composite pedalboard material) and used standard Mogami cabling throughout.

The client also requested a custom interface to allow everything to be in front of the amp or have the Boss DD-20 delay run in the effects loop simply by plugging into different outputs on the interface. This gave the board ultimate flexibility with any amp. The client also requested a Vertex Effects Systems Custom Dual Buffer that would allow the purest signal and to drive the line all the way from guitar to amp.

Overall the board sounded awesome and could get some great Hendrix, Eric Johnson, and old Floyd/David Gilmore tones!

The order of the effects are:

INTERFACE IN (from guitar)--> Korg Pitchblack Tuner--> RMC6 Wheels of Fire Wah--> KR Mega Vibe--> Skreddy Lunar Module--> Hendrix Fuzz Face--> Vertex Dual Buffer--> Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet--> Lovepedal Eternity--> Hermida Zendrive--> Fulltone OCD--> B.K. Butler Tube Driver--> Timmy--> T.C. Chorus--> INTERFACE OUT (to amp or patch Boss DD-20 Delay in from effects loop)




*Notes: The Buffer was put post-Fuzzes as to not cause any impedance issues that would effect the performance of the units. The Timmy is used as a EQ/Boost at the end of the chain of overdrives as per client request.[/b]

*Stand Outs: The Skreddy Lunar Module is a fantastic pedal and can really get some amazing Gilmour-esque Fuzz tones out of it. It's also amazingly quiet compared to other fuzzes that have that much gain. The Lovepedal Eternity also sounded wonderful. I'm also a fan of the OCD, and just seems to always be able to get some great open sounding crunch and sounds great live with my Marshall and Fender amps.


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