First Voodoo Lab rig!

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First Voodoo Lab rig!

Post by Levi_Beaudette » Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:00 am

Greetings everyone! Just joined the forum so I could show you the rig I built with all Voodoo Gear. It's absolutely killer! And really easy to use!
Signal chain: Guitar, to Morley Bad Horsie 2, to TC Polytune, then into the Pedal Switcher.
Loop 1: ISP Decimator; Loop 2: Custom Overdrive (bought second hand from original owner); Loop 3: none yet; TRS Insert used for Preamp of EVH 5150 III; Loop 4: EHX Memory Toy; Pedal switcher out to effects return of amplifier.

I have the output of the delay going to the patchbox, and the pedal switcher out doing the same, so I can have delay trails when I switch to a dry amp sound. To do this I needed to put a dummy plug in the return of Loop 4, and a volume control in line with the delay signal (the volume was boosting substantially and overdriving the effects loop, used only to bring the delay back to unity gain).

MIDI Signal: Commander out to Control Switcher, Control Switcher out to Pedal Switcher. MULTI out from Control Switcher to footswitch in of EVH 5150 III.

There it is! Can't wait to put together another rig full of Voodoo Gear!

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