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Best-Tronics Pro Audio // Retro PT-2 Re-Wire

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 12:19 pm
We received a customer's board & pedals in recently for a re-wire. He wanted to keep the velcro he had already laid out on his board since it was in pretty good shape. The main goals here were to (A) leave the power supply open for easy access and (B) wire it as such that he may be swapping pedals in/out and adding a pedal into the middle slot (open space) of the board.

To accomplish (A), we just mounted the power supply ontop of the board. We epoxied one of his custom printed guitar picks to it for some added flare as well ;).

(B) we left service loops in all of the power ports and cables. We wired and dressed in an additional DC power cable for the pedal he may be adding on the board. We also strapped in two patch cables underneath the board for when/if he adds the pedal.

Rather than drilling out the rear of the pedalboard we added an interface panel to the side of this board. We also built a loom for easy setup and takedown.

The customer was powering the pedals via a power strip and wall-warts when we first received it. This was obviously problematic and causing a bunch of added noise. We replaced this with a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ and all of those issues went away!

While this was a very simple build and re-wire, it turned out nice, fixed the customer's problems, and was very practical.