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Best-Tronics Pro Audio // PT-2 With Switchable Effects Loop

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:41 am
Our customer provided an old Pedaltrain 2, with a closed back. We did some drilling and were able to install our trusty interface panel.

The artist switches between using two different heads, one with an FX loop and one without one. For an easy switch between these setups we wired the interface panel with Neutrik Normaling jacks. This automatically routes the signal when cables are plugged into the jacks, allowing for a seemless switch when setting up each amplifier.

The Radial Engineering ABY switches between the D.I. when using their acoustic and the pedals when using their electric guitar.

We added a panel on the underneath of the board for added protection on the solder points of the interface panel when grabbing the board in/out of its case.

All powered by a Voodoo Lab PP2+