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Nice Rack Canada | Mars Hotel | Bass Pedalboard

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:44 am
by Vegas
Nice Rack Canada recently delivered this pedalboard to Mars Hotel bassist, Jake Sadikman.

This bass tone palette packs a diverse lot of sonic punches into a compact footprint.
The criteria for this system including respecting the Phil Lesh tones that Jake has to cover in Canada’s #1 Grateful Dead tribute band, Mars Hotel as well as allowing for further sonic exploration during performances.

In respect to the past we spec’d a MuFX TruTron 3x Envelope Filter & MuFX Octave Divider, simply the best Filter & Octave pedals on the market since the original “MuTron” format of Mike Beigel’s designs. We also included a Xotic SP Comp and Eventide H9 for Eq Compression, Chorus, Diatonics & Bass Synth.

The system is powered by the Voodoo Lab Iso 5 delivering the juice to all devices except for the MuFX pedals which are powered by a custom 12VAC supply.

The signal flow for the system is Bass –> Input Buffer with Outputs to TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini & MuFX Octave –> MuFX TruTron 3X Envelope Filter –> Xotic SP Compressor –> Eventide H9 –> Mute Switch –> Traynor YBA300 Bass Amp –> Speaker Out –> Rupert Neve RNDI –> Speaker Cabinet.

Nice Rack Canada
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