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Best-Tronics Pro Audio // Martin McDaniel // PBC Rig

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:45 am
We had the oppportunity to wire up our good buddy Martin McDaniel's monster pedalbaord. Martin is a Nashville based guitarist that relies heavily on his gear night in and night out.

As you can see on the board he has the RJM Music Technology, Inc. PBC, which makes controlling his board and switching patches much easier. The two Jim Dunlop Guitar Products X pedals are set up where one serves as volume and the other as expression.

All of the pedals are setup through the PBC, clearly, with loops 7-10 ran through the amplifier's effects loop and ran stereo (there is another H9 that he had in his posession, not pictured here).

Due to different sized stages and a constantly changing rig, the board is made so that switching from mono to stereo & effects loop or all directly to the front of an amp is very easy and quick to do so. The board, however, is based off of a stereo setup using 2 Mojotone amplifiers. The PBC is setup to control amp switching functions as well.

All powered by the lovely and reliable PP2+ and Digital.