pedal power 2 plus & Line6 Fm4 &

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pedal power 2 plus & Line6 Fm4 &

Post by rayandlight » Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:44 am

I have the pedal power 2 plus for about 6 month and have been very happy with it since last weekend.
I had a concert in the country side and had some weird problems with the pedal power 2:
I had my Line 6 Fm4 conected to output 5 and a Boss DD20 conected to output 6, as well as the Line 6 Verbzilla to output 1.... suddenly the line 6 fm4 started to make really loud hum and later did not work anymore (before that, its four indicator lamp began to light up). Fortunately I had the original Line 6 power supply with me and with that it worked again... What was strange too, is that the Line 6 Verbzilla (that was conected to output 1) also made problems until I connected it to output 5 (which was free, because I connected the Fm4 to its Line6 powersupply)....

Today I tried the same setup at home (in the city), and everything worked well.... is it possible that the reason for the malfunction was "bad" electricity from the countryside? Or does my pedalpower 2 plus has some malfunction?

Thanxs for your help and greetings from Vienna,

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Re: pedal power 2 plus & Line6 Fm4 &

Post by JohnClark » Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:58 pm

It would appear that you had an extreme line low condition where the incoming AC was well below the normal standard. The combination of pedals you were running put Outputs 5 and 6 right on the edge of their capabilities. When the Pedal Power 2+ got diminished power, the most power hungry pedals were the first ones to "complain" about it. I would assume there is no malfunction, just a wider tolerance on allowable power fluctuations out in the country.

Note: Be sure the DIP switch for output 5 is set away from Normal (On) when powering the FM-4. The DIP switch for output 6 should be set to Normal when powering the DD-20.

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