Mondo vs. Pedal Power 2+ AND Digital

General discussion and tech talk about the industry standard Pedal Power line of power supplies.
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Mondo vs. Pedal Power 2+ AND Digital

Post by stephenkoehn » Wed May 24, 2017 7:31 am

I have built my board incrementally over the years. I started off with the Pedal Power 2+ and with the addition of a few Strymon pedals, I also added the Pedal Power Digital unit. I am plugging the Digital unit into the Pedal Power 2+ unit. As far as I can tell the Mondo is essentially these two units combined.

Is there any advantage in having the Mondo versus having these two units combined? My only concern would be whether or not having two separate units would add to any noise issues. Otherwise, the only other advantage I can perceive is appeasing my OCD.

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Re: Mondo vs. Pedal Power 2+ AND Digital

Post by JohnClark » Wed May 24, 2017 9:20 am

Yes, Mondo is simply a 2+ and Digital in one box (and at a bit better price).

The advantage would be that they are in the same box and you would still have the Courtesy Outlet free to use for something else... like an ISO-5? (Collect them all!) ;)

There is nothing wrong with having the two separated. In fact, on a larger board it may even be helpful to the power cabling to not have to bring everything to the same box.

I hope that helps!

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