ISO 5 and these listed pedals

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ISO 5 and these listed pedals

Post by Big_Neck_One_Tooth » Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:28 pm

I bought a used pedal board and it came with an ISO 5 mounted on it. Is this correct,

Line 6 DL4 - Use the 12V high current with red tip power chord (He did not give me one with the board I’ll have to find one). Saw an old post where it seemed like a guy messed up how ISO 5 by doing this exact thing, but manual says it’s ok to use 12V high current as long as you use red tipped chord, so he must’ve done something else wrong. He said the ISO 5 powered off and was very hot and then was messed up after that.

Digitech whammy 5 - I wil have to choose between this one and DL4 because they both take too much current to use together and require one of the high current outputs, and need to be isolated anyway so they won’t make noise. This one use 9V high current with black chord.

MXR evh flanger - use the 18V output with normal black chord.

Walrus Julia chorus - use normal 9V with normal lack chord.

Regular Cry baby wah - use regular 9V with normal black chord. Thanks.

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Re: ISO 5 and these listed pedals

Post by Rez » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:22 am

Yes, I confirm... all details correct and exactly as you describe.

Ben Resnick
Voodoo Lab - Tech Support

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