GCX Switching Problems... Thx for Help

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GCX Switching Problems... Thx for Help

Post by Lanz » Tue May 28, 2019 2:44 am

Greetings from Germany,

first of all... I just startet with Midi... for many years I didn´t care About it, Always played a head and been happy...
But when I bought myself a triaxis a new world openend up for me an I really liked what i thought was possible if I´d enter the Midi world…
Pretty soon, after reading and trying some Things I knew what I´ve wanted to tryout so I bought me some Things that might be able to solve my wishes…
Right now I feel like I understand how all of those Things work together and I´ve been able to fix some Things myself.
GCP was very easy to understand, even if you got no idea of midi at all...
Cause of thinking About using some Pedals although there´s a Major 2 and also having the idea to have a 2nd midi switchable Signal Path
for my acoustic guitar which is used for some parts in some Songs i decided to by the gcx.
After some more readings I´ve wired all together the way I thought this should work…
Finally tried out...
And except of the Tubescreamer…. Nothing works…, and I have really no idea why… seems so Logical and easy.
Tried out a few possibilities what the Problem may be but now I don´t know how to fix all those issues…
For example the Signal path of my acoustic guitar… Signal goes through… if Loop 7 and 8 are not turned on, the Signal goes Right through from the Acoustic to the Mixer...
if one of the 2 loops is turned on, Signal doesnt go through…
If I just put the 2 pedals for the acoustic guitar in line without the gcx they work…
Same Problem with the pedals in the effects loop of the triaxis (loop 3 and 4)
Front LEDs are working fine when switching…

After reading a while here in the Forum i thought Maybe the power supply of the gcx might be the Problem?
Seems like there could be an switching Problem if the gcx Phantoms the gcp cause of not enough power from the original power supply?

Here´s a Picture of the actual wiring...

I´d be really happy if you could help me.
Sorry for some language issues…


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Re: GCX Switching Problems... Thx for Help

Post by JohnClark » Tue May 28, 2019 11:10 am

The picture helps a lot! Thanks!

1. On Loop 3 Out you have two lines to feed both Triaxis Returns... what is the cable you are using here? If this is an Insert Point Cable then certainly get rid of it ;) This should only need to be a single mono cable to one of the FX Returns (usually Left for Mono). If you need to drive both Effect Returns then this should be a Y Cable, but make sure all three ends are Mono.
2. If we switch to a single Mono cable above, the G-Major 2 will only require a single Mono Cable to its (Mono) Input. The G-Major is what will create the stereo signal but it does not need both inputs driven to do so.
-Test to see if the Electric side of this rig works now.

For the Acoustic its just a slight connections change. You now have the guitar going into the Return of Loop 6, but the Return jacks are all Ground Lifted so this is what is likely killing the signal. You should only need to change how you are using Loop 6 to fix this.
1. Plug the Acoustic to the In of Loop 6.
2. Connect the Send of Loop 6 to the In of Loop 7.
-Test to see if the Acoustic side of this rig works now.

Let us know how it goes!
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