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Amazing customer service

Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 7:39 pm
by crichm
Hey guys,

I'm not much for gushing, so, I'll make my story brief. I purchased a used Pedal Switcher from someone who sold it "as new". I didn't test it for a couple of weeks after receiving because A: I'm dumb and B: My rig lives away from my condo. Long story short, it didn't work and the person would not return my money. Usually, out of luck, right?

I contacted Voodoo Lab. Not only did they fix it... But they fixed it and shipped it back without charging me a dime! I just wanted to post here to let the Voodoo Lab crew how grateful I am. To me, that is unparalleled customer service.

I currently own a PP2+, GCP, 2 Pedal switchers, a Commander and have owned a GCX. Because of this experience, and the quality of your products Voodoo Lab will be my first choice when it comes to my rig's needs.

So thank you!!!


Chris Richmond