question about powering pedals...

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question about powering pedals...

Post by mainlymusicman » Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:26 pm

hey guys, anyone who has some info feel free to chime in...

i have a pedalboard that im assembling, with the following pedals...

dunlop jerry cantrel wah
boss rc-2 loop pedal
skinkontrol push/pull octafuzz (vintage) req. 9v battery only
vintage boss bf-2 flanger
digitech whammy pedal
EHX pog 2
empress tremolo
digitech multichorus
MXR phaser
EXH holy grail reverb
eventide timefactor
rocktron banshee talkbox
korg pitch black tuner
3 voodoo lab pedal switchers
1 voodoo lab commander

power supplies...

pedal power AC
custom audio electronics MXR power system

the CAI power system has...

2 - 9V AC outlets 800 mA
4 - 18V DC outlets 125 mA
8 - 9V DC outlets 80 mA
2 - 6.5 - 10.5V / 10.5 - 15V DC outlets DC

the only pedals that require AC are the 3 pedal switchers, whammy pedal and banshee talkbox

so ive got those covered between the pedal power ac and the 2 ac outputs on the CAI power system.

all the others are 9V DC i think, except the eventide, which requires more amps i think. but it does work with the CAI, ive been using it for the past year

but since 4 of the outputs on the CAI are 18 V, are there any of these pedals that can be powered by 18V?

are some pedals are ok with higher voltages and some more sensitive...?

i know EHX says their pedals require only their supplied power supplies only, so what about those?

i already used the pog 2 with the CAI so i know it works, but not sure which outlet i should use?

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Re: question about powering pedals...

Post by Josh Fiden » Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:18 am

mainlymusicman wrote: ...but since 4 of the outputs on the CAI are 18 V, are there any of these pedals that can be powered by 18V?...
You should contact Dunlop for information about which pedals can be powered by their product.


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Re: question about powering pedals...

Post by loerdevi » Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:01 pm

Figuring out how to power all those pedals can be a pain in the butt, but its worth the time invested. I learned from my mistakes....

My best advice is to try to find all the owners manuals for your gear and see what they say. I've found that Boss pedals run anywhere from 10 milliamps to 300 milliamps. Which means I gotta use the right PS or they wont all power up.

It sounds like you've got the hard to power AC stuff figured out (at least those are the pedals I always stress about powering in my rig).

Good luck and be patient, blowing up a pedal sucks!
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