The GCX Buffer

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The GCX Buffer

Post by ozzynotwood » Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:53 pm

Just a question about the buffer on the GCX rack looper. I'm the proud owner of this unit and it's been perfect from day 1. If I used the buffered input does that mean I can run extra long cables from my guitar to the GCX (say, 20ft) and not experience tone-less OR does it mean I can extra long cables from the output of the GCX to the amp? Not really sure how the buffer works in the GCX.

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Re: The GCX Buffer

Post by JohnClark » Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:01 am

A buffer is going to prevent loss from anything placed after the buffer. Anything in front of the buffer will still be "seen" by passive pickups. A single buffer in front of any true bypass effects will provide a consistent load on the pickups since no matter how you switch the effects, the only thing the guitar will see is that buffer.

20' of any decent quality cable should be a rather minor tone change... but then it all depends on what you are comparing it to. A strat with 2" of cable connected directly to a mixer bypasses everything that could ever be thought of as a "tone sucker", while it's exactly what the guitar "sounds like", it's absolute poop! ;)
I say plug that long cable in, twist a few knobs until you like what you hear, then proceed directly to rocking!

I hope that helps!
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