GCP and Kemper setup

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GCP and Kemper setup

Post by tijlcarrein » Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:21 am

Hi you all.

If anyone is interested, i've inluded a link to the SYX file for using the Kemper Profiling Amp in performance mode.

Please feel free to use the formidable editor to adjust the syx-file to your liking.

Midi Channel is set to 1
I have setup 7 banks (bank 0 to bank 6) with 4 slots each and mapped the correct program change to match the 5 slots Kemper layout to the 4/10 button setup of the Ground Control Pro (the fifth Kemper slot is deactivated on the Kemper performance)

Each bank is:
- 1: Clean
- 2: Rhythm
- 3: Lead I
- 4: Lead II

Pedal 1is active and mapped to CC 1 for wah (with the amazing auto-engage from Kemper).
Pedal 2 is active and mapped to CC 7 for volume

The instant acces buttons:

- IA 1: Kemper Tempo - CC30 - Momentary >> to allow the excellent beat scanner and correct tap-tempo for the Kemper)
- IA 2: Kemper Stomp D - CC20 - Latching
- IA 3: Kemper Stomp X - CC22 - Latching
- IA 4: Kemper Morphing - CC11 - Latching
- IA 5: Kemper Mod - CC24 - Latching
- IA 6: Kemper Delay (with tails) - CC27 - Latching
- IA 7: Kemper Stomp B - CC18 - Latching
- IA 8: Kemper Stomp C - CC19 - Latching

To enable the import to your GCP, you need to use Midi Mon and use the Send Syx function which will allow you to upload the attached syx file to your Kemper

Hope this is usefull for someone.
I do this because ot the excellent customer service provided by Voodoo Labs!

Kindest of Regards,
Tijl - Belgium



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Re: GCP and Kemper setup

Post by JohnClark » Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:34 am

Right on! Thanks for sharing!
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Re: GCP and Kemper setup

Post by tchopper » Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:00 pm

Dude - where did you get those labels?

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