Px8 Plus, Control Switcher, Timeline Delay

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Px8 Plus, Control Switcher, Timeline Delay

Post by memotyp » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:47 am

I recently purchased the Dingbat medium\PX8 Plus\pp 4x4 package. It's a very smart product, and I couldn't be happier with the sound and functionality of this tidy setup. I am considering adding a Control Switcher to my rig to automate amp channel switching, but I have some questions about cabling and connections:

- I've connected the PX8's midi out to a Strymon Timeline's midi in; can the Control Switcher be connected to the Timeline's midi out, or does it need to be connected to the PX8 directly?

- Is it possible to damage the Timeline with phantom power from the Control Switcher's midi in? If so, how can I avoid this?

- My amp's footswitch connects via trs and controls channel switching (2 channels total) and reverb on\off. It is my understanding that the Control Switcher's 1\4" jacks are ts; what type of cable do I need to connect my amp's footswitch jack to the Control Switcher?

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Re: Px8 Plus, Control Switcher, Timeline Delay

Post by JohnClark » Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:24 am

To control an amp with a single TRS Footswitch Jack, you would need an Insert Point Cable (sometimes referred to as a Stereo Breakout Cable). This cable has a TRS Plug on one end that breaks out to two TS ends often marked Tip and Ring. The TRS end goes to the amp, and the two TS ends go to two of the Control Switcher 1/4" Control jacks.

The easiest MIDI path would be as follows:
1. PX-8 Plus MIDI Out to Control Switcher MIDI In.
2. Control Switcher MIDI Out to Timeline MIDI In.

This way lets you use a single 9V/400mA output to power both the Control Switcher and the PX-8 Plus.

The only setup required would be to program the Control Switcher to respond to Program Changes and use MIDI Channel 1. Once that is done you can immediately start creating presets that include the Control Switcher by calling up a Preset on your PX-8 Plus, setting the Control Switcher switches how you would like, and finally, pressing both buttons 1 and 4 on the Control Switcher to save the switch states to the current PX-8 Plus Preset.

If for some reason you have to place the Control Switcher after the Timeline in the MIDI path, you will need to use two 9V jacks (100mA or 400mA), one to power the Control Switcher, and another to power the PX-8 Plus. (Control Switcher's Phantom Power will not harm the Timeline as it's MIDI In jack does not have pins 1 and 3 connected to anything.)
You will still need to set the Control Switcher to respond to MIDI Program Changes on MIDI Channel 1, and you will also need to set the Timeline MIDI Out to act as a MIDI Thru.

I hope that helps!
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