voodoo lab HEX PC midi messages

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voodoo lab HEX PC midi messages

Post by Buica » Wed Mar 10, 2021 9:52 am


i am using the boss ES8 to change my synergy syn-2 buttttt i cant control syn-2 fxloop so i bought the voodoo lab hex.

now i am having problems with PCs messages as the manual of HEX its not clear enough for my brain. i use already PCs messages from es8 to syn-2


I have my es8 with 4 diferent PCs to changer the channels on the syn2 but i cant add more pcs to the same es8 chanel

if this makes any sense

rui grenhas

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Re: voodoo lab HEX PC midi messages

Post by JohnClark » Fri Apr 02, 2021 9:31 am

The HEX uses Program Changes to load Presets. A HEX Preset will recall the saved state of all six loops at once.

You will need to know what MIDI Channel you are sending your Program Changes on from your ES-8, but I'll assume its MIDI Channel 1.

There are some setup steps to get things going that require powering up the HEX while holding down a button. Here is a list of steps that should get you up and running in this rig.

To get started I'd suggest re-setting your HEX.
1. Press and hold buttons 2 and 3 while powering up the HEX.
2. Release the buttons once the LEDs all flash to confirm you are in setup mode.
3. The HEX will do a button test. Press each button after it lights up.
4. Wait for all the LEDs to flash three times, then disconnect the power to the HEX.

Enable MIDI Program Changes
1. Press and hold Button 1 while powering up the HEX.
2. Release the button once the LEDs all flash to confirm you are in setup mode.
3. Press button 1 to light it up. This will enable MIDI Program Change receive.
4. Disconnect powerto the HEX.

The Default MIDI Channel is 1 so we will leave that alone for now.

1. Connect the MIDI Out to the MIDI In of the HEX.
2. Connect the MIDI Out of the HEX to the MIDI In of the SYN-2.

The easiest test to confirm all is communicating...
1.Press any button on the HEX to activate a loop.
2. Send any Program Change from your ES-8 that would also control your SYN-2.
3. The Active HEX Loop should have turned OFF and the SYN-2 should have responded.
(IF the HEX didn't respond but the SYN-2 did then the ES-8 is likely sending on a MIDI Channel other than Channel 1. )

If the test was successful then you can create HEX Presets.
1. Send a Program Change from the ES-8.
2. Press any of the button on HEX to activate any combination of Loops you want to come on with this Program Change.
3. Press buttons 1 and 6 at the same time to save these loops as a HEX Preset. The LEDs will flash to confirm a successful save.

Let us know how it goes!
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