Q & A for building and interfacing your rack gear with Ground Control Pro and GCX-based systems.
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Post by md76 » Thu May 28, 2009 12:39 pm

Hi people at VL, I´m planing to buy a GCP and a GCX, but first of all i want to clean up a few doubts. I have 2 compressors a booster and a distortion before my pre amp then I go to a rocktron intellifex from there to a electric mistress and a uni vibe a Line 6 delay and then to a tc g force. What i want to know if is it possible to conect by the gcx the front pedals then the triaxis and after the preamp the other pedals. Also I want to controll MIDI the triaxis the intellifex and the gforce. My actual signal flow is this:

GUITAR--- Volume---Comp 1--Comp 2--Booster--Distortion----Triaxis---Intellifex--E.mistress-- uni vibe--- G force-- stereo power amp

I mean i want the stomp boxes into the 8 GCX loops, and the rack modules controlled midi. I dont want the triaxis to fill a loop

Is that possible?? Thanks for your assistance

Josh Fiden
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Post by Josh Fiden » Thu May 28, 2009 4:37 pm

Yes, that will work fine. You don't need to use a loop for the Triaxis.

Because every loop in the GCX is completely isolated, there is no problem using them for whatever you want. You can use any loop in front of the amp, in a loop or after a preamp, or to do channel switching.

Josh Fiden
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