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Thank you

Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:08 am
by wake335
I just wanted to say that after over 1 year with a competitive midi control pedal (midimate), i finally was able to upgrade to the Ground Control Pro. I will be using it with the GCX controlling 6 loops, as well as controlling my G-Major w/ 2 instant access buttons. And can I say that I should have just saved up from the beginning to get this, it's unbelievable. Easier to program, better control layout. Integration with GCX is fantastic!
I have only messed with it for about 40 minutes and I already have it basically programmed and ready to go exactly how I want it. I could gig with it as it is, that's crazy easy! I can actually re-program my g-major now to use less presets due to the ease of the Ground Control Pro to program.

Thank you for all the help you guys provide through the forum, it has been great help setting up my multiple amp setup with my GCX, and the awesomeness of the GCX and Ground Control Pro combo has made me VERY eager to try your other products out.

Thanks, Rob.