Mesa high gain amp switcher + GCX

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Mesa high gain amp switcher + GCX

Post by Mark_30 » Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:01 am

Hi !!

Im new here !

Haven't check extensivly the topics yet but i have a few questions for the rack ``connaisseur`` ....

I don't know much yet as i just gathered around the stuff i wanted to build my rack of..

My question is can i just plug the mesa high gain amp switcher via midi to the gcx to control my heads ??

i have 3 heads controled with the mesa : triple rectifer 3 ch, roland JC120H and triaxis. (just got the triaxis .. )

I want to be able to use them separetely or ''blend them'' so i could use the triaxis and rectifer for my dirty sound and combine the clean of triaxis with jc120 ....

... Also have G major and compresor i would run in the gcx along with 2-3 other stomp boxes...

So they've each would have their channel ..

If that makes any sense....

Also as i just bought the triaxis.. no power amp yet. I read somewere i could use the pre amp on my triple rectifier to run it ? i haven't figured that out yet ....

Im kinda lost in all this if someone could hel that woulb be great !!



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Re: Mesa high gain amp switcher + GCX

Post by JohnClark » Wed Dec 22, 2010 6:20 pm

The High Gain Amp Switcher did not have any MIDI control, it uses four 1/4" jacks to select the desired amplifier or amplifier combination. Controlling the High Gain Amp Switcher can be done with four loops of the GCX, or the four switches of a Control Switcher, or the four External Control jacks on your Triaxis.

You can use your Rectifier head as a power amp for the Triaxis but I am not sure that you can set it up to be able to switch between the Triaxis and the preamp section of the rectifier head unless the effect loop is set up for series operation. Otherwise there will always be some bleedthru. You best bet on this would be to contact Mesa Boogie about how you can achieve this if you are not going to be running a separate power amp.

I hope that helps!
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