More than 8 midi devices for GCP

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More than 8 midi devices for GCP

Post by blksolo » Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:24 am

I know that the GCP can control up to 8 midi devices simultaneously,but can it control lets say 16 midi devices but not simultaneously if that makes sense?
I'm building a midi rig that will probably have about 10 midi devices in it,I will never use 8 simultaneously,just need to know if they can all go thru the GCP in some fashion,if not what do i need to add to the GCP to be able to do this,another GCP maybe? I have a GCX and may add another if that helps.


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Re: More than 8 midi devices for GCP

Post by wake335 » Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:27 am

it technically could control 1 million different midi devices at seperate times. you would just have to program each of your midi devices to a specific channel, and make sure the device in the Ground control is set to that.

For instance

On GC Pro
Midi Device
1 - Channel 1 - Controls Midi Device A and B
2 - Channel 2 - Controls Midi Device C and D
3 - Channel 3 - Controls Midi Device E and F
4 - Channel 4 - Controls Midi Device G and H

You could then, use either Device A or B at one time. And all the way down.

The issue is you would have your buttons programmed to send a PC of lets say 15 on channel 1. So you would need device A to want PC 15 sent to it, and also Device B to want PC 15 sent to it. TONS of extra programming involved on your midi gear to make everything work correctly like you want.
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Re: More than 8 midi devices for GCP

Post by JohnClark » Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:38 pm

I suppose it is a bit misleading to say only eight devices are possible... what is really going on is that the Ground Control Pro can send up to eight Program Change messages at once, with each one on a different channel. Like wake335 suggests, if you have more than eight MIDI devices you would simply map the presets within multiple devices so they respond to Program Changes on the same MIDI channel. For instance if you were to send Program Change 35 on MIDI channel 6, some number of your MIDI devices will be set to respond to this message and each will pull up the sound you want.

I hope that helps!
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