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Kudos to John Clark

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:13 pm
by simspace
Hey John,

I haven't been on the forum in a while, so I stopped in to just check out posts to see what's happening in the GCP/GCX world.

I see some of the questions you answer (you've put up with a bunch of mine in the past), and many times they start out regarding a Voodoo Labs product and move to other stuff like "can I do this with my stompbox?" or "can you help with my signal chain?" and you take the time to help us out!

So I wanted to take a minute to say you do a great job supporting your products and your user base!

I love my GCP and GCX's and it's great to know that quality support is backing them up.


Re: Kudos to John Clark

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:08 pm
by planethood
I second everything you just said. I have considered going to more expensive and expansive products, but refuse to do so because I know that ALL of my questions will be answered with the terrific customer support from John and the gang at Voodoo. The best thing about this company is they take the time to figure out how their products integrate with other companies' products. No other company will do this. The other companies will simply say, "Call the manufacturer of your other product to get the answers you need" (if you can even get them to answer a phone call). The problem with this "send the problem to the other guy" philosophy is that you get stuck between two manufacturers and never get answers. I've done this with other companies in the past, wasting hundreds of hours trying to figure out the simplest solutions. Not with Voodoo Lab. You can call them on the phone or post on this forum and you will get answers!

Thanks again, John!!

The only suggestion I have is to have a FAQ section that answers many of the common questions that come up on this forum. That way, it would probably save John and the crew some time answering the same questions over and over on this forum. Or, post more youtube tutorials for the products...

Re: Kudos to John Clark

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:58 pm
by JohnClark
Was it something I said?

/shameless bump?

Re: Kudos to John Clark

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:12 pm
by blksolo
I can 100 percent say that the reason I buy voodoo lab is cause these guys have insane customer support,there have been nights I wanted to post here about another vendors product just because I knew I would get a quicker response here!!! lol