Functionality Question with GCP and 2 GCX units

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Functionality Question with GCP and 2 GCX units

Post by nfazzi01 » Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:00 am

I am seriously considering going with the Ground Control with two GCX units as I re-do my pedalboard. I have a couple quick questions that I would like confirmed before I purchase.

1. For purpose of this question, assume the Guitar -> GCX1 -> GCX2 -> Amp. One pedal per loop in both GCX units. I will set-up my IA buttons to control loops 1-8 in GCX2. If I am using the 36 banks of 4 presets will I still be able make presets that contain loops from GCX1 (loops from GCX2 may or may not be combined as a part of the presets as well along with sending of MIDI data).

Based on the manual I think the answer is yes, but I was watching a video online of someone using the GCX to make presets that made me nervous.

2. Regarding the buffer - If using the buffer with two GCX units is it recommended to use the buffered input in GCX1 and then going passive at GCX so there is only one buffer?


Does it make a significant difference if the passive input was used at GCX1 followed by the active one at GCX2? Using the units that way would allow me to play a vintage fuzz in any loop in GCX1 and have it see my guitar signal direct whie still having a buffer inline to drive signal.

3. I am new to MIDI but I will be teaching myself a lot if I by this unit. I have seen people showing MIDI tap tempo boxes you can make on this forum and I was wondering if my thinking on what this would do is correct:

If I had a tap tempo pedal that sent MIDI data I could feed the GCP via the MIDI in and that tap tempo info could be sent to my Strymon Timeline as well as two Line 6 M5s.

That's everything...Thanks!

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Re: Functionality Question with GCP and 2 GCX units

Post by JohnClark » Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:43 pm


All GCX loops in a Ground Control System can be controlled via the Ground Control Pro presets.

The buffer question really depends on exactly what you are doing but you will likely not use it and simply route the Out of Loop 8 on GCX #1 directly to the In of Loop 1 on GCX #2.

You can certainly connect another MIDI controller to the MIDI In on the Ground Control Pro. The data will pass through the Ground Control Pro and on down the line to it's intended destination.

Sorry for the delay. I hope this helps!
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