Ground Control Pro +Eleven rack sweetwater patch memory dump

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Re: Ground Control Pro +Eleven rack sweetwater patch memory

Post by JohnClark » Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:42 am

memoryboy13 wrote:Awesome. What happened was instead of using my interfaces midi out to send the sysex I used the eleven rack, when I reconnected 11r midi in to the interfaces out it was able to control the changes. I'm guessing that was a midi loop?

Thanks so much for your reply, I knew it had to be some user error. As for changing the presets to user presets, if I store them in the slot A1 I know they won't reflect the title of the patch but will they reflect the change to the 11r patch as far as the settings go? I'll read the manual to figure out changing the preset name. Thanks again!

The Ground Control Pro preset will recall the Eleven Rack patch however it was last saved in the Eleven Rack.
I would dare say that if you were going to re-program the Eleven Rack patches anyway, you probably didn't need to do the Preset Dump since it's only real purpose is to make the Ground Control Pro presets match the Eleven Rack factory patches. ;) It won't hurt anything, it's just that you will be going back into the Ground Control Pro presets to re-name everything anyway so it just didn't necessarily need to be done.

p.s. Changing the Preset Name on the Ground Control Pro is one of the things shown in the Edit Preset section of the Ground Control Pro Manual.

Let us know if you get stuck!
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