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Any way of running 8 patches with 4 CCs on GCP?

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:10 am
by Piplodocus
Hello! I currently have a GC, and was pondering upgrading to the GCP. It seems it'll do 10 patch presets or 4 presets with 8 CC toggles. Any way to make it do 8 patches with 4 CCs? I could really do with a tap tempo and couple of FX on off, but there's no way I need 8, and certainly not at the expense of program buttons. Otherwise it doesn't give me anything really over the original GC.

In a related way I might experiment by changing my GC to 4 presets/bank with 6 CCs (although I still don't need 6 and will probably get frustrated with lack of prog change). If I change to the Bank 4 mode will this clear all my presets, or can I change and have a go to see if I like it, then if I don't change back to 10 presets without losing settings?

Re: Any way of running 8 patches with 4 CCs on GCP?

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:27 pm
by JohnClark
Currently the Ground Control Pro has but two modes... 10 Presets per Bank (w/ no Instant access) or 4 Presets per Bank (w/ eight Instant Access).

There have been requests for alternate modes and we have looked into how to smartly implement some alternates someday, but as it stands now the two modes are here to stay.

That said, the way you are wording your current needs sort of implies that you are staying in a single Bank... 4 Presets per Bank Mode does not limit the number of Program Changes you can send. On a Ground Control Pro there are 36 Banks available for a total of 144 Preset Locations, plus one more Global Preset available while in any Bank.

Neither the original Ground Control or the Ground Control Pro will kill your presets when changing between the two Bank Modes, so feel free to experiment.
(I will point out though that the Instant Access buttons on the original Ground Control are not a versatile as the Instant Access buttons on the Ground Control Pro. For instance, on the original Ground Control the Instant Access buttons programmed as "Ch.xx CC.yyy" cannot have their "on/off" state stored with the preset. This was something we added in an update but due to hardware limitations was admittedly a little less than useful. If you leave them set as their defaults of controlling GCX Loops 1-6 (MIDI Ch 16, CC 80-86), you can store the state by enabling GCX# 1 in Setup Mode.)

I hope that helps!

Re: Any way of running 8 patches with 4 CCs on GCP?

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 4:34 pm
by Piplodocus
I ended up rearranging my pedals anyway, so I really only needed a tap tempo, and so having loads of toggle buttons was pointless.

I came up with a solution though: I've kept 10 presets per bank, but plugged my old Marshall footswitch in the CC pedal jack. Programmed that as whatever CC I want and now the old Marshall footswitch does tap tempo. Hurrah! (I tried a keyboard sustain pedal first but the momentary one made it go too fast and responded to how quickly I pressed it and took my foot off, not the time between presses: has to be a toggle one for TC G-major tap tempo). Slightly Heath Robinson and I have to have an extra Marshall footswitch, but a lot better than losing 6 presets per bank for 1 tap tempo. :)

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