GCX, GCP, and Delay spillover

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GCX, GCP, and Delay spillover

Post by Pacomgl » Sat Jun 06, 2015 6:34 am

Ok, I'll be here pretty often in the next few weeks as I get my rig setup. I come up with a possible issue and wondering if there is a way to fix or work around.
I use a lot of delay, my current board consists of a Boss DD-6, Nova Delay and I use the delay function on my H20 as well, there are times when I'm using all three at once, but for the most part, it's usually the DD-6. The reason I'm use the DD-6 a lot is because of the "warp" setting, the unit acts normal as per knob setting but when you press down on the pedal and hold it, the feedback and delay rate increase. I do this ALOT, probably too much, and almost everytime I use that, I tap the pedal twice to turn it off and let the spillover ring off while we transition to a new section of the song.
So my question is this, I have no problem leaving the DD6 on the floor with my GCP but how do I get spillover from my other 2 delays in the rack?
I've thought about selling 2 of them and getting a timeline, simulating the same DD6 function with an expression pedal, but it still doesn't fix my spillover issue.
Thoughts would be great. Thanks
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Re: GCX, GCP, and Delay spillover

Post by JohnClark » Mon Jun 08, 2015 12:38 pm

There isn't much you can do other than run the pedals outside of GCX loops... spillover and true bypass don't really mix.

With a TimeLine, you can use a Ground Control Pro Instant access button to control the Bypass state and still keep its spillover. This also allows you to still keep the TimeLine in the rack with the other pedals so you don't have to run cables back and forth out on the floor just to control bypass.

I hope that helps!
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