Need help with GCX setup

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Need help with GCX setup

Post by Nova » Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:31 am

Thinking about purchasing the Amp Switcher and Ground Control but wanted to make sure I could run my set up. I have 2 amps---5150 and Line 6 Vetta that I am switching back and forth from. Using the Line 6 for synth effects and clean and my 5150 for dirty.

I want to be able to run the clean and dirty on my 5150 then be able to switch to my Line 6 when necessary. Looked through the diagrams and still unsure how to run this setup. Anyway someone could draw me up a diagram?

I want to run the other loops for stomp boxes. Also a tuner and noise gate in front of the gcx, not in the loops.

Saw something about a Y cable?? Also confused where I plug my speaker cable into when running this setup?


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Re: Need help with GCX setup

Post by JohnClark » Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:44 am

This can be accomplished with a GCX. You can run some pedals before the GCX, some pedals in the loops of the GCX, A/B or A/B/Y the amps, and control the channels on the 5150. There are 8 loops total and each switch or function will require a GCX loop... (A/B/Y will require two loops). The Y cable would only be required if you want to A/B/Y the amps. Either way, you will be switching the inputs to the amps , not the outputs. The GCX is not intended to switch speaker outputs or cabinets. I hope that helps!
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