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Switchblade GL

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:27 am
by Marlboro05
Has anybody had anything to do with the Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL. I have just purchased one and am going to integrate with my setup, also have just got another GCX and a Mesa High Gain Amp Switcher. Have a Mesa SUS4 case coming in the next few days also, so most of the stuff will be going into that.
Will be doing a bit of mucking around in the next few days. Should be fun.

Re: Switchblade GL

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:41 pm
by Marlboro05
I've got my stuff altogether, am just now contemplating the hookup.
Was thinking this, please pipe in if you have suggestions:

Guitar-> G90-> Decimator Ch1-> Switchblade 16-> Mesa HGAS.
Mesa HGAS-> Triaxis & JMP-1 & Dual Rec & Stiletto.
Triaxis-> Decimator Ch2-> Switchblade & Rane SM82S.
JMP-1-> Decimator Ch3-> Switchblade & Rane SM82S.
Dual Rec-> DBX 1074 Ch1-> Switchblade & Rane SM82S.
Stiletto-> DBX 1074 Ch2-> Switchblade & Rane SM82S.
Switchblade-> KFK EQ-> Switchblade.
Switchblade-> Mesa EQ-> Switchblade.
Switchblade-> Eventide H9-> Switchblade.
Switchblade-> Rane SM82S.
Rane SM82S-> G-Major2-> Rane SM82S.
Rane SM82S-> Mesa 2:90.

Dual Rectifier switched with RJM Mini Amp Gizmo
Mesa HGAS switched with RJM Mini SwitchGizmo
Mesa 2:90 switched with Triaxis & Voodoo Labs GCX
All controlled by 2 Voodoo Labs GC Pro

Please put info in if you have played with any of this stuff.

Cheers Brett