Ground Control Pro preset / FX selection issue. Eleven Rack

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Ground Control Pro preset / FX selection issue. Eleven Rack

Post by rentsoundgear » Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:29 am


My Ground control Pro is having a terrible time switching between effects.
The symptoms are sometimes I click to a new sound and it's very soft in audio.
Sometimes I can witch when I hit two stomp switches at once.
It's so annoying and I had to pull it from my live rig because I can't get it to work properly.

I checked the midi cable, I ensured that it was plugged in the entire way on both
the GCP and on the 11rack.

I have the MIDI controls set to "auto" on the control channel selection form the face of the 11 rack.

Did i mess something up?

Any help would be awesome.


-Ben- :?

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Re: Ground Control Pro preset / FX selection issue. Eleven R

Post by JohnClark » Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:57 am

Are you having this problem when switching between preset buttons on the Ground Control Pro or when switching individual effects on or off using the Instant Access buttons?

The Ground Control pro shouldn't be able to affect the output level of the Eleven Rack unless programmed specifically to do so. Do you have any expression pedals connected to the Ground Control Pro?

I'm not too sure I know where you are seeing this "auto" setting on your Eleven Rack... can you describe exactly how you are getting to that setting?

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