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New product request.Loop switcher with variable pedal order!

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:09 pm
by Certified
Love my Hex units, work brilliantly and the tone is as pure as can be even with many pedals engaged. However, I have noticed that with an ever changing lineup of pedals which I have hardmounted in my home studio, I have on more than one occasion wished there was a Voodoo Labs switching device (rackmount all the way) that can change the order of the signal path, so that , for example, I have a sudden desire to put my Mooer E-lady flanger pedal in FRONT of my distortion/OD/boost boxes, as opposed to how it's currently wired, to a HEX dedicated to the FX send/return on my amps, and thus, behind the dirt boxes in the path. How cool would it be to push a button to changeup the order of your FX signal path without having to repatch! I think one of the BOSS loop pedals does this currently. I'd be all over it!