Need Help Please with powering GCX and GroundControlPro

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Need Help Please with powering GCX and GroundControlPro

Post by Mr1000lb » Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:56 am


I purchased the GCX and GCpro last week and
Im still trying to figure out how to connect my guitar stompboxes over MIDI and power both the GCX and GCPro.

My objective is to able to control first of all, the pedals sequences which are plugged to the GCX loop (1-8) with the MIDI switcher GCPro.
Lastly, I would like to change patches and banks on my pedals with the GCPro also.

How my rig is set up right now, which seems logical to me is that GCPro sends OUT signal => to IN ( groundcontrol )CGX
then GCX OUT => IN (my 1st pedal )
1st PEDAL OUT => IN (2nd pedal)
2nd PEDAL OUT => IN (3rd)
7th OUT => IN 8th
NOTE; that my pedals dont have a MIDI THRU, just the IN and OUT. I havent tried to power up everything yet, I would like to know first if everything is ok.

For the power;
My GCX is already powered by its original 3 PIN MIDI adapter. Correct me if I'm wrong but does it matter If I also power the GCPro with a 2.1 mm 9v center ( - ) 500 milliamps.

I've heard that there is a phantom power that flows in MIDI, and I was told to power only 1 device either the GCX or GCPRO. This is not clear for me and people havent told me the same things so far. I'm confused, do you need to activate the phantom or not? and how would you recommend to set my rig? I dont want my pedals to get extra voltage of anything, im not in position to blow any of my stuff and replace.

GCX has 3 MIDI connection , POWER, PEDAL, and OUT
GCPro has 2 MIDI connection, IN and OUT

sorry for my english
I really thank you in advance for your time

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Re: Need Help Please with powering GCX and GroundControlPro

Post by JohnClark » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:38 am

The Ground Control Pro MIDI Out should connect to the GCX Pedal In jack. If the MIDI cable used here has all 5 pins wired (not all MIDI Cables do) then the GCX will provide Phantom Power to the Ground Control Pro. If the GCX will be powering the Ground Control Pro, then you would not use the power supply for the Ground Control Pro.

Your MIDI Connections seem fine, but what are the pedals you are using? Many MIDI pedals that have only the two MIDI jacks have internal settings for making the "OUT" act as a "THRU".

I hope that helps!

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