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And so it begins
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Author:  Scooterjohn [ Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:11 pm ]
Post subject:  And so it begins

Now that I have a GCX to work with, I can move forward with my rig project. I’ve been studying the worksheet and examples available to visualize the setup.

Like many, I’m trying to simplify and shorten my set up time, and maximize reliability. What I want is this: my GCP on a pedalboard just big enough to hold an expression pedal or two (or exp pedal and wah) my Strobostomp tuner (turning around to look at a rack tuner won’t do), and maybe my Sennheiser wireless receiver. I’d like to have an easy way to sub a cord if I ever have a problem with the wireless, which is why I’m still deciding where the wireless should be.

The signal will go to a rack that will contain a Carvin power supply, the GCX, an Intellifex (for now) and a sliding shelf for some of my pedals. The signal will end at a Mesa TC50 which has midi control over the three channels, reverb, effects loop and boost...so I don’t need to use GCX loops for those functions. I have a combo, so I have to make midi and effects loop connections from the rack to the amp at every gig, and that won’t change...but I’d like to have a patch bay at the back of the rack to minimize wear and tear on component jacks, and get all connections color coded for easier set ups.

Right now I only have the GCP and a tuner at front of stage, so that’s just one midi cable and a guitar cable from the tuner going back to the amp and rack...no power cable needed. That may change...depending on where the wireless ends up.

I have a larger rack to use for mocking up, so I’ll end up knowing exactly how many spaces I’ll end up needing to buy. I’ve seen some super clean racks, and I’d like to have no cable movement other than the GCX to sliding shelf ones.

Author:  nyteowl [ Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: And so it begins

The biggest hurdle I see is getting your guitar signal out to your board so it can feed your tuner, but you can keep your wireless in the rack by routing your signal like this:

Connect your Wireless Out to the GCX Rear Panel Feed Thru;
Connect the Rear Panel Guitar Out to the Loop 1 In;
Connect a short jumper cable between the Front Panel Guitar In to the Front Panel Feed Thru.

This way, if you ever have a problem with your wireless you can simply unplug the jumper cable from the Front Panel Guitar In and plug a guitar cable directly in there to be up and running again without delay.

As for cables running between your pedalboard and rack, you might want to check out this site: PedalSnake.com

If I understand correctly, your pre-GCX rig consisted of the GCP and tuner up front running to a Mesa TC50, and you use the GCP to control Channel Switching, Reverb, Effects Loop, and Boost, yes? If so, how many Instant Access buttons does that involve?


Author:  Scooterjohn [ Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: And so it begins

I was lucky in that my old Intellifex has a phantom power jack that accepts the GCP power supply, and feeds it down the midi in jack via a 7 pin cable. The GCX has built in phantom power, so I can use a heavy duty 5 pin cable from the GCP to the GCX, and lose the wall wart going into the Intellifex.

I have the GCP set as 4/8, and have been doing all changes with program changes using the banks of four. That is the beauty of of an amp that is midi controlled...several changes with one button push. The 8 instant access buttons have basically been waiting patiently for the GCX, to get my pedals back into the mix.

As far as the wireless goes, it has rack ears, but is half rack width, so I would need some kind of adapter to span the whole distance. Sennheiser probably makes one...I think the ears are removable, for flexibility. I’ve obviously not had it in a rack previously, because I’ve used it at pedalboards, and generally only on stages where there’s room to move freely.

Author:  Scooterjohn [ Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: And so it begins

Just did a test of the GCX and the GCP with the little rack, and it was dead easy to set up. New source of phantom power, and since I already had a preset made that was intended to include my Tim pedal in loop 1, that preset now turns that loop on.

I love that I could have mayhem happening with pedals on top of a hot solo preset, and with a single button press...be on a clean channel with a touch of chorus from the Intellifex, and ALL pedals off!

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