GCP Beta firmware!!

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GCP Beta firmware!!

Post by Marlboro05 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:59 pm

Hi all,

Have been using the beta firmware with 2 Ground Control Pro’s since August 2017 and think that it is absolutely awesome.

I have one set to instant on and the other to 4 preset 8 instant access. I have all the instant access switches I could want, it is just excellent.

I use it with 2 TC Electronic G Major 2’s, a Sound Sculpture Switchblade 16, a RJM Mini Amp Switcher and Gizmo ( Controlling Mesa Recto Recording and/or Dual Rectifier Multi Watt and/or Lonestar 2 ), Eventide H9, a Marshall JMP1 preamp, Mesa Triaxis preamp and 2 GCX Switchers into either a Mesa 2:90 or 2:100 power amp.

I have so many sounds, at my toes, that I can do whatever I want at a tap and a flick of the pickup switch.

Voodoo Labs, thank you very much for adding to the enjoyment of guitar playing!!!

Cheers Brett
GCPro, GCX, Pedal Power 2+, Pedal Power AC.
And some other stuff.

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