Dmc groundcontrol instant acces Atomic Amplifier

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Dmc groundcontrol instant acces Atomic Amplifier

Post by danee » Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:53 pm


I have a dmc groundcontrol (not the pro) with the latest firmware update. So i can use the Bank4 mode option.

Now i have managed to program the groundcontrol to switch call up preset 1 to 4 of my atomic amifier with button 1 to 4 of the groundcontrol.

Now i want to use the upper row to switch individual effects on and off. I managed to get that to work but when i call up the preset all lights of the instant access buttons are on and the effects of the atomic amifier are off. I cant get the groundcontrol to leave some on and some off.

For example:
Preset one is clean with compressor on (ia button 5). The rest of the ia buttons should be off.

What i tried is: choose the preset. Turn ia button 5 (compressor) on. And turn all the other ia buttons off. Then i push the down button for a few seconds and save preset once again.

When saved, all seems to be good but when i switch to preset 2 and the back to one, all ia buttons are on again (lights on but effect of)

So it doesn’t seem to store witch ia button should be on of off within the preset.

What am i doing wrong?

With regards,
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Re: Dmc groundcontrol instant acces Atomic Amplifier

Post by JohnClark » Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:17 pm

On the original Ground Control, the Instant Access button State was not programmable when user defined with a MIDI Channel and CC number. This was something that was added when we introduced the Ground Control Pro.

I hope that helps!

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