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12V DC ok for DMC Ground Control?

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:20 pm
by Piplodocus
Hello! Currently rewiring my rack stuff and have a phantom box to power a non-VL thing that'll take 9-12V AC or DC. I want to have my good old trusty GC as a spare and/or other option if I wanna travel light or am playing to an audience of drunken animals with no floor pedalboard though! Ideally I want to use the 7-pin midi cable with 12VDC as it'll be less prone to voltage drop I guess, but not sure if the GC will take that (I know it'll do 12AC or 9DC, but not sure about 12DC).

Will it work? Or will I have to either switch PSU voltage or risk running the usual thing with 9V DC or 12V AC? All options are possible, but if I'm drawing possibly up to almost 800mA sometimes in extreme cases with the other thing, I'll be slightly more relaxed running at the higher voltage, but a "works with everything" scenario would be equally great! :)