2 GCX - MIDI question

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2 GCX - MIDI question

Post by Plexico » Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:56 pm

Hi - I am finalizing my rack and attached the two GCX worksheets for the layout. I have two questions:

1) Will the Feed Thru from GCX #2 act as a DRY AMP line out (no effects)

2) For the MIDI units, if they are connected via MIDI (each assigned a unique MIDI channel), can I utilize one loop? Or does each MIDI rack unit need its own loop?

As always, thank you! (Diagrams attached...recommendations welcomed)

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Re: 2 GCX - MIDI question

Post by JohnClark » Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:54 pm

1) I can't quite follow what you are trying to do for this but perhaps it will help you to know that connecting your guitar to the Guitar In on the front panel of the GCX will split the signal to both rear panel outputs. You can use one to feed the effects and the other to feed a dry amp.

2) The MIDI devices can be treated just like any other effect. If you want to true bypass them all at once then they will need to be in a GCX loop, if you want to bypass them individually then they will need to be in individual GCX loops. If they have their own MIDI controlled bypass method then they don't need to be connected to any GCX loops.
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