GCP - Presets calling Instant Access buttons?

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GCP - Presets calling Instant Access buttons?

Post by hdcool » Thu May 21, 2009 9:15 am

Hi All,

First of all I want to share a word of appreciation about what a great unit this GCP Midi controller is. It's very advanced, and yet very userfriendly! I have experience with the Behringer FCB1010 and that was a nightmare! This GCP unit just rocks!

I do have a question though (because I'm simply not sure if it's possible..think not but not sure... .)

I use the GCP to control a TC Gmajor2.
I'm using 4 presets per bank and instant access buttons.
Using this setup, I can select my solo preset, which has a bit of delay.
Now, I can use the instant access buttons to add some chorus, and remove it again.
Works fine.

One of the instant access buttons I use to set delay on/off. Now, on the Gmajor, this particular preset has delay implicitly enabled. Selecting the preset will enable the delay BUT, the delay instant access led is not illuminated. I guess this makes sense since the G-major is not going to tell the GCP "Hey! I got delay on..put on your little red light".

So I was wondering if it was possible to enable certain instant access buttons when selecting a preset in order to have the delay button illuminated when I called a preset which has delay. Same for presets with Chorus: Chorus LED is illuminated.

John Petrucci has a pedalboard which seems to be doing this. If you look around 1:49 he selects his clean preset, and you see a few led's getting enabled.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot-zal0D ... re=related

Is this possible with the GCP? That would be awesome.. would make a great pedalboard the best for me :)

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Re: GCP - Presets calling Instant Access buttons?

Post by hdcool » Mon May 25, 2009 12:14 pm

Hi All,

I guess it's possible with a little trickery. Found it on the TC Electronics forums:


Basically you use an unused GCX switcher to also enable/disable your instant access buttons. Programming seems a bit buggy... I had to reprogram them more than once until they were finally in sync.

From the above link:
When I change presets on the G-Major / G-Force using the DMC Ground Control Pro, I would like that the status of switching buttons and their respective leds (for effect blocks) match the new preset settings.

This is only one setting example for the DMC Ground Control PRO. It was kindly provided to us by Mr. Jeremy Smith. It also works with the G-Force:

1. I followed the instructions in the manual to set up foot controller so that 4 buttons switch presets on/off, and 8 buttons operate individual effects. The issue is that the DMC does not respond to incoming CC changes, and so I needed to find another way to let the unit tell me which effect was "ON" when I change from preset to preset.
2. Switch on a given preset using the DMC. let's say I choose your "right on the edge" combination. None of the leds glow red on the DMC despite the fact that the G-Major has turned Delay and Reverb both on.
3. Turn ON these two effects on the DMC also - so that the status lights on the pedal board accurately reflect the true picture.
4. Enter EDIT mode on the DMC, and scroll through the options menu until "GCX 1" appears. - at this point all the led's will have switched off again.
5. Now, re-enable the effects that correspond to the preset in question. In our case, Delay and Reverb. The leds should light up.
6. Exit EDIT mode and save.

The next time I select the "edge" preset on the pedal board, the Delay and Reverb buttons also light-up, and now I can always tell at a glance what's on and off, which is kind of important.

Hope this helps someone as well :)

James Santiago
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Re: GCP - Presets calling Instant Access buttons?

Post by James Santiago » Wed May 27, 2009 1:10 pm

To make the instant access button status match with effects that are active on a given preset:

1. Call up the Ground Control Pro preset that you want to edit.
2. Press any of the Instant Access buttons that should be on for this preset.
3. Press and hold the EDIT button.
4. Once the Ground Control Pro screen changes, press the EDIT button again.
5. Press the YES button to save the changes.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each Ground Control Pro preset that has active effects.

This is really a one time process. Once you "reconnect" the buttons to what's actually happening in your preset, you'll be good from then on. Unfortunately, the instructions from the TC forum are a little confusing. Our in-house tech has recommend the above method for those products many times without any problems.

James Santiago
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Re: GCP - Presets calling Instant Access buttons?

Post by hdcool » Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:24 am

Hi James!

Yes, you are right! It is confusing and their explanation made it sometimes work and sometimes not work..in fact I was just browsing this forum to check if others have issues with this as I had trouble with one patch where the instant access buttons wouldn't stay on..

The trick was what you said above:

Select the preset you want
Enable/Disable the instant access thing
Press and hold the edit button
Press edit again once you're in the edit mode and click yes to save changes.


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