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Rack Rewire

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:30 am
by Marlboro05
Alrighty, I’m wanting to do a full rewire of the rack. The Sound Sculpture 16 just doesn’t have enough Headroom, I am unable to turn the preamps up. The Triaxis is unable to go over 3-4 and the Recto Recording is on about 3 aswell.

So I’m thinking of using the Switchblade to send signals to the preamps but nothing after, that means I still use it for my pre preamp effects (distortions) then out to my Rane SM82S mixer. I still have the TC Electronics G Major 2, the Graphic EQ’s and GCX aswell as the H9.

So I’m wondering how is the best way to do this? Do I put the EQ’s in the loop of the SM82S? Do I run the loops, with the EQ’s on the GCX through the Rane loop?

So here’s what I’ve got in the rack:

Line 6 G90, Decimator Pro Rack G Stereo, Sound Sculpture Switchblade 16, 2x GCX switchers if needed, 2x KFK EQ’s, Mesa EQ, Mesa Flux 5, Mesa Throttlebox EQ, TS808, MXR Fullbore Metal, Eventide H9 Max, Mesa Triaxis, Mesa Recto Recording, Marshall JMP1, Rane SM82S, RJM Mini Amp Switcher(for the Recto Recording), Pedal Power AC, Pedal Power 2+, Mesa 2:90 and Mesa 2:100. That’s a lot of *😳. All controlled by 2 GC Pro’s with beta chips.

Any suggestions on what others have done would be much appreciated🤘🏻

Re: Rack Rewire

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 5:31 pm
by JohnClark
Sorry for the late reply!!

You could certainly still use the GCX's for all the line level stuff. For opinions on placement though, I guess I'd first just try wiring the effects direct either into the mixer or just before the power amp to test which way I liked best.

I hope that helps!

Re: Rack Rewire

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:31 pm
by Marlboro05
Hi there,
Have just done another re-jig of the Rack and rewired it. I’ve totally separated the Mesa Recto Recording and the Mesa 2:100 from the rest of the audio signal so that I can have that Raw Recto crunch when I wish.

The Sound Sculpture Switchblade 16 has been removed from the system and the Rane SM82S has been re-introduced. Now without the Switchblade, the Preamp section can push the Power section way harder, it sounds so much more powerful, it seems to have more of everything.

The signal flow is as follows:

I can use a cable into the front of the GCX (GCX Line In) or the Line 6 G90 wireless(GCX Rear Thru).

Line 6 G90 -> GCX Rear Thru -> GCX Rear Out -> Decimator In -> Decimator Out -> GCX Loop 1 In -> T808 Tubescreamer -> GCX Loop 1 Out -> GCX Loop 2 In -> Mesa Flux 5 -> GCX Loop 2 Out -> GCX Loop 5 In -> Send to Mesa Recto Recording (can use both Overdrives for both amps) - GCX Loop 5 Out -> Radial ABY(A & B both on, B ISO on) A -> Mesa Triaxis B -> Marshall JMP-1.

Mesa Triaxis -> GCX Loop 3 In (Use this Loop to turn the Triaxis on or off) -> GCX Loop 3 Out -> GCX Loop 4 In -> Mesa 5 Band EQ -> GCX Loop 4 Out -> GCX Loop 8 In -> Eventide H9 -> GCX Loop 8 Out -> Decimator Ch. 1 In -> Decimator Ch. 1 Out -> Rane SM82S Ch. 1 Left In.

Marshall JMP-1 -> GCX Loop 6 In (Used to turn the JMP-1 on or off) -> GCX Loop 6 Out -> Decimator Ch. 2 In -> Dcimator Ch. 2 Out -> Rane SM82S Ch. 2 Left In.

Rane Loop Left Out -> TC Electronic G Major 2 Left In -> TC Electronic GMajor 2 Left Out -> Rane Loop Left In.
Rane Loop Right Out -> TC Electronic GMajor 2 Right In -> TC Electronic GMajor 2 Right Out -> Rane Loop Right In.
Rane Left Main Out -> Mesa 2:90 A In.
Rane Right Main Out -> Mesa 2:90 B In.

Midi flow is as follows:

GC Pro 1 (Beta 2.0, set to 10 Preset Mode) -> GC Pro 2 (Beta 2.0, set to IA Mode, modified midi in and out to supply power to GC Pro 1) -> GCX In -> GCX Out -> TC Electronic G Major 2 In -> TC Electronic GMajor 2 Thru -> Marshall JMP-1 In -> Marshall JMP-1 Thru -> Mesa Triaxis In -> Mesa Triaxis Thru -> RJM Mini Switch Gizmo In -> RJM Mini Switch Gizmo Out/Thru -> Eventide H9 In.

The GC Pro 1 is set to 10 preset mode, 1st and 2nd Banks are set to Triaxis Presets, 3rd Bank is JMP-1 presets, the next 3 Banks are Recto and Triaxis presets. Banks are accessed by using Bank up and down switches.

The GC Pro 2 is set to IA mode, 1 is H9 on/off, 2 is H9 Preset Down, 3 is H9 Preset Up, 4 is G Major 2 Pitch on/off, 5 is G Major 2 Chorus on/off, 6 is G Major 2 Delay on/off, 7 is G Major 2 Reverb on/off, 8 is G Major 2 Wah on/off, 9(or 1) is Recto Clean/Crunch, 0 (or 2) is Recto Modern/Vintage ( solo becomes modern/vintage when Recto Recording and the 2:100 are together), No(or 3) is T808 on/off, Yes(or 4) is Flux 5 on/off.

I have a Furman PL-Plus C E powering everything. A Voodoo Labs Pedal Power AC powers the Voodoo Labs GCX (which powers both Voodoo Labs GC Pro’s, Decimator Pro Rack G Stereo Mod and the RJM Mini Switch Gizmo. A Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus powers the pedal drawer, which has the Ibanez Tubescreamer T808, Mesa Flux Five, Mesa Five Band EQ all on 9 Volts and the Eventide H9 on 12 Volts.

Well I hope this may help someone else that may be doing something similar, I enjoy doing this stuff so much.

Cheers Brett.

Re: Rack Rewire

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:41 am
by JohnClark
\m/ 8-) \m/