Vertex Effect Systems - Medium Pedalboard 1/16/10

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Vertex Effect Systems - Medium Pedalboard 1/16/10

Post by Desperado » Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:48 pm

Here's a pedalboard that I did for a local player that gigs frequently around the Bay Area.

This board, despite it's medium size, presented some interesting challenges for me over the last few weeks. The client had a couple of interesting requests for his pedalboard needs. Firstly, the board needed to be compatible with his amp in order to do switching functions on the pedalboard between Amp channel 1 and 2. Secondly, the client wanted to be able to run an Eventide Modfactor and Timefactor in the effects loop of his amp. Additionally, a LUMOS (which interacts with the amp to create a solo boost) also had to be featured in the effects loop and needed to be foot-switchable next to the amp functions. Lastly, the client wanted to be able to have foot-switchable functions on the fly with his Eventide pedals, so custom switcher box was added for ultimate flexibility.

To best accommodate all of the aforementioned requests, a custom interface was made to network the amp switching (using stereo jacks coming from the silver foot switcher on the pedalboard), the amp effects loop, and the pedals that were being run in front of the amp. Additionally, the interface houses a buffer/line driver to seamlessly carry the signal through the pedalboard without any tonal degradation.

Overall, the board sounded amazing! Low noise and a ton of tonal choices with the Eventide pedals. The order of the effects are:

Interface In (buffer)--> Tuner--> Wah-->PitchFactor--> Demeter Compulator--> Interface Out (to amp)--> Effect Loop In/Send--> ModFactor--> TimeFactor--> Lumos--> Effects Loop Out/Return

*The Silver Switcher in the front has it's own dedicated TRS line in the interface for the Lumos switching and Amp Channel 1 and 2 switching. Also, the Eventide switcher is linked with the Eventide pedals via TRS cables for dual control functions for Flex and Tap Tempo.



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