Ground Control Pro firmware V.2.0???

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Ground Control Pro firmware V.2.0???

Post by Helder » Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:31 pm

Just wondering if there is still plans to release the new firmware 2.0 for the Ground Control Pro? My needs are beginning to out grow the current v1.13 capabilities. I love the simplicity of this unit and would like to hang onto it if there is indeed an update in the near future.
also .. wondering if there is a possibility of knowing some of the new features, and if you are taking requests for added features?

Here are a few requests that I would like to see incorporated.

>more instant access switches!!
>more cc messages per IA switch
>ability to program change patches above the 128 (up to 999 would be ideal)
>tap tempo momentary switch capability
>ability to control 16 midi devices (instead of 8)


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