Nice Rack Canada | Half Moon Run | Connor Molander

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Nice Rack Canada | Half Moon Run | Connor Molander

Post by Vegas » Thu Jul 23, 2015 11:22 am

The 3rd & Final Half Moon Run​ pedalboard by Nice Rack Canada is for Guitarist / Bassist / Vocalist Connor Molander.

As with all of the Half Moon Run system builds, this pedalboard must travel in it's case at 32 kilograms to meet airline luggage cutoff.

The sum weight of the effects, power supply, cabling, board & case totalled 31.5 kilograms, necessitating a 2 board system with the MIDI controller on a 2nd board travelling in a separate case, with another band member's similar controller surface.

The pedalboard has 4 parallel signal paths enabling any combination of Connor's instruments to be active at any time. The 4 paths are Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass & Vocals.

The bass is completely dry with only a tuner in the signal path aside from the DI Box.

The Acoustic Guitar uses the Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble.

The Electric Guitar uses the Fairfield Circuitry​ Barbershop OD, J. Rockett Audio Designs​ Archer, Strymon​ Deco, Boss DD7, Strymon Big Sky and Boss RE-20. The Strymon Deco is modded by us to accept remote control via MIDI over the 2 halves of the pedal and the Favorite Switch for a "B" set of settings.

The vocal path is passed through a Neutrik​ NTE 1:3:10 impedance transformer we housed in the I/O box and through the Strymon Timeline, Big Sky & Mobius.

All paths are switched by an RJM Music​ Effects Gizmo. The Tap Tempo to the DD7 and the "special" Deco functions are controlled by an RJM Music Switch Gizmo. MIDI control is provided by the industry leading RJM Music MasterMind GT-10.

Powered by Voodoo Lab​ Pedal Power Mondo.

System design & fabrication by Nice Rack Canada.

Nice Rack Canada
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