PX-8 PLUS True Bypass Programmable Pedal Switcher

Pedal Effect Automation that Saves Steps and Improves Your Tone!

The Voodoo Lab PX-8 PLUS is a programmable 8-loop audio switcher that provides total control over guitar pedalboards. Its basic function as an exceptional quality true-bypass loop strip removes all unused cabling and connections from the signal path for noticeably improved tone and dynamics. Offering single-button access to preset loop combinations, the PX-8 PLUS makes simultaneous switching of multiple effects quick and easy.

Dance steps should be for your performance, not your pedalboard! Equipped with 8 true-bypass audio loops and 8 premium-quality silent-operation footswitches, the PX-8 PLUS allows instant access to effects without touching your pedals. With simple and intuitive programming, instantly access 36 user-created preset loop combinations at the touch of a single button. PX-8 PLUS can also operate as a simple loop strip, with each button directly turning on and off each corresponding loop. PX-8 PLUS also includes an additional audio loop insert point between loops 6 and 7, which is ideal for placing a volume pedal or other audio device into the signal path.

Voodoo Lab Quiet Switching technology and nitrogen-sealed gold-contact relays provide the most silent operation possible while selecting individual effects or switching between presets. The audiophile-quality output buffer of the PX-8 PLUS ensures your tone will be preserved even with long cable runs to your amplifier.

Hand-built in the USA and housed in a rugged aluminum chassis using the highest quality components possible, the PX-8 PLUS pedal switcher is built to meet the demands of professional musicians who depend upon trouble-free operation night in and night out under the most rigorous touring conditions. This legendary reputation for quality and reliability is why countless world-class musicians around the globe trust Voodoo Lab to power their performance.

PX-8 PLUS is also available as part of Voodoo Lab’s innovative and patented Dingbat PX Pedalboard. Its innovative patented design mounts the switcher beneath the foot of the board, keeping all cabling neatly out of view and preserving maximum space for pedals. As with all Dingbat Pedalboards, installing Voodoo Lab power supplies in a Dingbat PX requires only a screwdriver. Dingbat PX is also available with a Power Package option that includes a factory-installed 12-isolated output Pedal Power 3 PLUS.

IMPORTANT NOTE! The PX-8 PLUS switcher can NOT be attached to the foot of a standard Voodoo Lab Dingbat pedalboard as it does with the specially designed Dingbat PX. For those already owning a PX-8 or PX-8 PLUS switcher interested in purchasing a compatible Dingbat pedalboard to attach either of these switchers, we offer an off-the-menu version of the Dingbat PX without the switcher. Please email sales@voodoolab.com for details. 

PX-8 PLUS Features:
  • Independent true bypass audio loops using the finest gold contact relay
  • Access to 36 user-created preset effect combinations
  • Stand Alone Instant Access Mode available for simple on/off pedal switching function
  • Insert point between loops 6 & 7 for volume pedals and more
  • Audiophile-quality output buffer preserves tone even with long cable run to amp
  • Quiet Switching™ technology for lowest possible noise
  • Conveniently power from any Pedal Power 9VDC output
  • Instantly recall 128 preset combinations of effects via MIDI
  • Compatible with Ground Control Pro or any MIDI controller
  • Legendary Voodoo Lab quality and reliability
  • Hand-built in the U.S.A.
PX8-PLUS Specifications
  • Inputs
  • 1/4” mono main audio input (1)
  • 1/4” mono switchable audio loops (8 send/returns)
  • 1/4” mono non-switchable audio loop (1 send/return)
  • 1/4” mono main audio output (1)
  • MIDI
  • MIDI In: Accepts MIDI commands and provides phantom power
  • MIDI Out: Passes MIDI commands to other MIDI devices
  • Controls/Switches
  • Silent switching buttons (8) for setting and accessing programs and individual loops
  • Power Requirements
  • 9-12VDC at 100mA
  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connector, center negative polarity
  • Physical
  • Dimensions: 21.5" x 3" x 2" (546 x 76 x 51 mm)
  • Weight: 2.25 lbs. (1 kg)
  • Warranty
  • 5-year warranty in North America. Other regions contact your country's distributor for warranty details.


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