The rare Jordan Electronics Bosstone (circa 1968) is considered by many to be the ultimate vintage fuzz. The Voodoo Lab Superfuzz® starts with this classic fuzz design and adds unique tone and resonance circuits to create an amazing new array of fuzz tones.

The tone control delivers a wide spectrum of midrange and bass timbres, everything from an extreme gain scooped tone through a raucous, bluesy, prominent mid voicing. The resonance control is a sub-harmonic booster that lets you add an aggressive bottom end not typically found on fuzz pedals. Attack varies the gain from rich and creamy to outrageous.

“The Superfuzz flaunts tons of output and reacts well to picking dynamics…while making a little combo amp sound like it’s pumping a big cabinet. Yeah!” -Guitar Player

I was overjoyed to plug in my guitar and hear the exact sound I used on the first four Spirit albums” -Randy California

Superfuzz Features
  • Analog circuit for classic ‘60s fuzz sounds
  • Unique Resonance and Tone controls
  • True bypass switching
  • Hand-built in the U.S.A.
Superfuzz Specifications

4.75” x 3.75” x 2” (121 x 95 x 51mm)


0.85 lbs. (386g)

Power Requirements

9V DC, 10mA

Power Input Type

5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connector, center negative polarity

Product ID



5-year limited warranty in North America. Please contact your region's authorized Voodoo Lab distributor for warranty service outside North America.



  • ATTACK – The gain control. Turning it up will provide additional sustain and buzz.


  • TONE –  This control affects mostly the midrange frequencies. Set to 12:00 for a classic fuzz sound. Turn it down for a modern “scooped” tone. Turn it up for a prominent midrange, bluesy voicing.


  • RESONANCE – Essentially a sub-harmonic boost that allows you to bring up the bottom end without losing bass crispness or causing excessive speaker distortion. Turn it all the way down for traditional fuzz. Turn it up for girth and fatness, or when playing at low volume.


  • VOLUME – Sets the output level.
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